Hello friends!

My new album is finally starting to take shape. It’ll be my second full length album, and it’ll be around 45 minutes. I must say it is the best music I’ve made to date!
The album is being released on Lamour and will be released on vinyl and digital. If you’re interested in the vinyl, please give me shout!

We’re hoping for a release in January, but if you can’t wait for that long you can check out my gig from Fylkingen in February:

All of you people who’ve been to one of my gigs the last year will recognize a lot of the album, but not all of it.

More info soon!


Norbergfestival 2014

On Friday I did an improvised gig on Norbergfestivals Open Stage. Very different from my other recent music. Might do some more of this in the future, though this isn’t going to be featured on my upcoming album (more info on that very soon!)



Tomorrow (or today actually) I am playing my third gig this summer. The focus has been techno and ambient. I’ve brought up some older songs and fitted them to my current sound along with a bunch of the material which is going to be released as an album, hopefully this autumn!

Photo from Telegraf (around 4:30 AM) by Mattias Photography.

PRO424 LIVE! Also CD released.

In two weeks, on wednesday 1 February, Pro424 will be entering the stage at Klubb Katastrof (Tender, Regeringsgatan 111 in Stockholm) to play Dreams EP plus a few extra songs! DON’T MISS THAT!

For MORE INFO, click the poster!

ALSO the Dreams EP is now available on CD for 40 kr. It will of course be sold at the Klubb Katastrof. If YOU want a copy of the CD please contact at




the whole EP is now released and can be found on several different places.
If you want to listen to it, and maybe download a song or two for free (for a few weeks) Soundcloud is the place:

If you want to support me and buy it (maybe together with my last album?) you should head over to Bandcamp:

Or check the music tab here on

Please tell me what you think about it. I will gladly perform the music live if I get the opportunity.

I’ll be back with more info on the CD soon!


The EP is now finished and will be released in one week digital. BUT later in December it will also be released on CD! 

It will be priced fair both digital and physical:

Digital (Bandcamp): 20 kr

Physical (CD): 40 kr (plus 10 kr shipping if needed)