PRO424 is the electronic music project of Swedish musician Maximilian Karlander. As inspiration is taken from everything from Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Biosphere, Maurizio, Deepchord, and so, the music spans over a several genres, often combining different styles and sounds.

In February 2011 Soundtrack of a Frozen Time was released. This was my first full length album and featured ambient inspired soft electronica with heavy influences from Pink Floyd, Biosphere and Moby. Songs from the album were at the time performed a few times and some of the songs are still performed today, though often in new versions. The album was self released.

In december 2011 an EP, named Dreams, was released, yet again by myself. Most of the songs were written before Soundtrack of a Frozen time, however at the time the more ambient and instrumental sound appealed more and the songs on Dreams were put on hold to be finished later. When these songs were picked up again during the spring of 2011 they got a total make over with three of the songs getting a much rougher sound, while the final track was written during these sessions. Elin Grahn contributed vocals for At the end, while Lisa Ulfves helped make the front cover design.

After these two releases a lot happened and new inspirational sources, especially more techno, was introduced. After sort of a reboot, new music was taking shape in spring of 2013. A totally different approach was taken, where the music was written to be performed rather than previously just produced. During 2013 and 2014 new songs were tried and played at several shows all over Stockholm, mostly at open airs. These songs were reworked during this time and by mid 2014 a new album started taking shape. Record label Lamour picked up the music and in late March 2015 Immune was released on Lamour. The 5-track full length album is an instrumental concept album, going from ambient to dark ambient techno.

In May 2016 a 4-track cassette was released on Lamour, named 424 I. All tracks were improvisations recorded on a portastudio and mastered on reel to reel, making the cassette complete analog productions apart from a few digital synths.

As of June 2017 several new releases are being worked on however no concrete plans for release of this material exists. Some of this material is connected to Immune.


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