Some very kind reviews!

It’s been one month since the release of Immune and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the kind words I have gotten on the album! The album was written and produced over a long time during which only a few people heard it, and than when the album is finally out suddenly it all changes, and you don’t know what people will think. I always try to do music I’d like to listen to myself, but in the end you always gonna care about what others think, or at least when people come up to and says they like your what you’ve created, or tell you they’ve written a review, it is encouraging! So again, THANKS!

Here are a few reviews of the album:…24-immune.html
Spanish blog, being very positive as far…24-med-immune/
“The soundtrack of the future from PRO424 with ‘immune'”
4 av 5 “Gives a warm feeling”
“Also ambient but then something completely different is the music by Pro424 (yes, I typed that correct, first I thought it said 242…) and the label assumes that I may not like this. This ambient music goes out, further down the line of history, as in: coming our way, and by passes Cage, Satie and Eno, but takes a lead from Tangerine Dream straight to the minimalist beats of Plastikman and/or any other work by Richie Hawtin. The arpeggios are great on this record and the beat is very minimal. Towards the end of ‘Dystopia’ one has the idea this is minimal techno with its use of delay and synthesizers, but throughout this all sound very cosmic in approach. I have no idea why Lamour thinks I may not like this. I love it. I love the early seventies synth music, I loved ambient house in the mid-90s and I always hoped that the current revival (or is that already over yet?) of cosmic music would lead to more beat-driven music. So the spacious rhythms of Pro424 are well spend on me. One excellent trip, this pro424. (FdW)”
Praising Immune hint to it’s sources of inspiration as well as the atmosphere of the album.

And also, last week Dystopia was played on SMOODS radio show at Studio 80 Radio in Amsterdam:…-with-smood-on


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